The How to Get Cheap Likes Thread

  1. Announce the birth of a child in the fathers issues thread.
  2. Announce that you have overcome terminal illness in the Things that are right Thread.
  3. Post a picture like this in the faces you’d love to smack thread
  4. Post up a photo of fish fingers and beans on the Ravenous thread.

Post a picture of yourself sitting in a tractor.

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Actually that reminds me

Announcing someone has succumbed to a terminal illness


That never happened.



This place is like a fuckin mens shed

" took my son to his first GGA game this weekend, he was enthralled by the sights the sounds and the excitement of match day, reminded me of how I was when my old man took me back in the day, its a gift I have given him for life just like my old man gave me this great gift, makes all the hard slog of training the u7s & u8s throughout the winter worth it, I guess its what makes us great gaels"



I’m giving that a like

Good old Ambrose :clap:

  1. Post up a crude hand drawing of an interaction with traffic
  1. Buying into a horsey syndicate and enjoying moderate success can lead to multiple Nice Post awards with each update on said horse.

Posters dreaming up likebait interactions with their real or pretend children.

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  1. Have a cheap jibe @Bandage’s expense

Them old happy clappy likes aren’t worth a fuck.
It’s the ones where you bury some other poster that count.
I’ve one in particular where I poked fun @Bandage and got a load of likes for doing so. I’m very proud of those type of nice post awards.

  1. Get pushed to your limit by a beloved poster and launch an insane rant, one which it was most likely a miracle you didnt burst a blood vessel typing.
  1. Post up a belter of a tip. This is rare for me admittedly.
  1. stay up all night doing personal and launch a vicious tirade against the forum

Call someone a vile servile lickspittle.

In hindsight - this is an awful shitty thread. @Fagan_ODowd looking for cheap likes for looking for cheap likes - He’s obsessed with cheap likes, the cunt.


Call me “a useless work-shy cunt” or some variation on this.

Cc: @Ambrose_McNulty @Raylan @ironmoth

I’m presenting you with another golden chance here, chaps, I know the “likes” count is very important to you.

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