The i cant believe i made it in thread

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Of all the people to make it over!

id be happy enough if it was just you me and treaty stones who made it over

That’s the general idea. I’ve made it fairly roaster-proof. Most of those simpletons don’t have email addresses anyway.

Hello hello

I cannot believe I made it.

Well played on giving plenty of notice

Hmmmm, I dunno @Rocko

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Give it a while.

Any feedback you have - fire away. I can change the look & feel a bit (you should have seen it before @TreatyStones and @Fran got their hands on it). Features, not so much under my control but lots of stuff being added frequently. But it isn’t short on features.

It’s already growing on me a little.

It’s very white.

Nice to have more features. Anything specific you want an opinion on?

It was much whiter!

Nope… everything.

Biggest changes are:

  • No pagination
  • The markdown posting split-view thing
  • How quotes work in posts with a combination of in-line and threaded views etc.

Some things are far better IMO:

  • polls are fantastic
  • mobile is better (I think)
  • overall it’s just more geared to writing and reading posts. Way fewer menu items about irrelevant stuff like profile posts.

Anyway it does take some time to appeal properly I think but I far prefer using it once you get used to it.

Is selecting text the only to reply to the quoted previous post?

Reply as linked Topic looked like it was gonna open a new thread.

There’s a big blue Reply button to the bottom right of the post, you fucktard.

That didn’t work as well as I’d hoped.

I like the lack of pages. One thing to watch out for on the dynamic loading is the performance of the loading. I’ve seen sites that hang when they try and load the next data which can be very frustrating.

The split view is good. I like having the preview there.

Thanks for proving my point. There’s a good lad.

It was even whiter!

Yep, reply as linked topic creates a new thread with a link back to the other one so you can keep the two linked and referenced to eachother in the first post.

This will take ages to explain so I’ll do a new post for it.

I’m nothing if not a useful idiot.

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We have really long posts so that will be challenging but the server and performance is far more powerful than what we were on.