The Ian Bailey is dead thread

Any reason at all or just another bizarre aspect of this case ?

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So John Harbison was complicit in the conspiracy too?

Well if you can’t believe the irish sunday mirror…

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The scratches myth debunked.

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From what I can see he only determined it was late on the 22nd into the early hours of the 23rd. I’m open to correction on that. It was the local guards who went again the experts orders to move the body into cork to speed things up.

The same local guards who immediately pinned it on Bailey without any evidence early doors.

Apparently somebody heard dogs barking at 2 am in the area and that’s why people seem to assume it happened around that time.

Her boots laced up, the breakfast in the post mortem and no lights on in the house has me thinking it was early in the morning.

Genuine question, why did bailey himself say he’d got the scratches from killing three turkeys and a Christmas tree?

Because he got a few scratches from it?

One of those guards was/is a landlord near UL. A gas man😂 A friend of mine stayed in his house unbeknownst to him for an entire semester.

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Every second house in college court is owned by a guard.

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So there were scratches then?

When you read full dpp report you’d actually have to be thick to think he done it.

I guess you are getting to a point where a lot of people don’t care and a lot of people refuse to acknowledge he was stitched up because they are afraid to admit they were wrong.