The incredible pieces of skill thread


Nice goal from Bacca tonight:


Am I missing something? That looks a fairly standard ‘round the keeper’ goal. I’d score these on a regular basis.


He finishes it with a rabona. Woof.


Ozils touch here


He did very little the other night in fairness. Doesnt like it up em. Still on for pfa though


Didnt see the game so cant comment, but this isnt the “does he like it up him” thread.


Fair eniugh pal. Is there such a thread, and a player of the year thread? Or are you just being a tad snarly tonight?


Ah I’m always snarly. Probably one buried down the forum somewhere.


Chill out more kid, it would do you good


In comparison to some on here mate I’m positively zen


Aye pal



The Ladies GAA Facebook page title this as “what a goal”. What a goal indeed



What were Lidl thinking?


That’s a fucking great goal, you spiteful, sexist ape.




Disclaimer: I didn’t watch it, but any Monaghan goal in Galway should be celebrated.


Ah its hilarious. You gotta watch it.


Will Keane v Norwich Reserves last night.