The incredible pieces of skill thread


True, I’d love to be able to loop a clip in a manner almost as seamless as that.


I watched it for longer than I’m willing to say before I realised what was going on.


It was the horse in the bottom corner that ruined it tbh




I’ve been watching for 90 mins now - how in the fuck has he been able to hold onto the arrow for this long? Not one single balloon harmed so far. He must have fingers like a lesbian nympho.


Stephen Curry is so good, that you can celebrate before he even thinks about shooting



I wouldn’t even qualify for a passing interest in basketball, but that Curry lad is unbelievable. Some of the shots he throws :heart_eyes: He is so much better than everyone else it’s incredible. A freak.





That was worth the entry fee alone


Joe has a very distinctive, elegant style taking sidelines and its a thing of beauty.when he catches one right. For a big man he gets down unbelievably low and comes up almost underneath the ball. I’d watch it all day.


Some excellent goal keeping here.


Only saw this now. Interesting how far back from the ball he’s standing


Goalkeepers are crazy/idiots.


A great bunch of lads.



In another league you might suspect this as match fixing, but given how clean Italian Football is, I think we can just take this as the goalkeeping buffoonery we know and love