The Insurance Thread

They could get rid of whiplash as a diagnosis.
Job done.

No mate , insurance companies are engaging in anti competitive practices and while the free state government accept this our eu overlords wont


What sector of Irish companies are not involved in anti competitive practices?

Ones where there are a lot of competitors and ones where companies don’t abuse their dominant position

I’ve never experienced either in Ireland, but perhaps it’s because I avoid greater Dublin, except for the airport obviously.

@Fitzy, h’much are you paying?

$700 odd for the CTP and $110/month for the fully comp with me (Focus). I have no idea if this is extortionate or not.

I’ll have to have a look tonight, but it’s more than that. What have you done to your avatar?

Please do.

That’s me.

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Sorry, I didn’t recognise your ruddy Monaghan complexion.

This Kevin Thompson, CEO of Insurance Ireland, always makes me want to vomit when he appears on the news, Prime Time etc.

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Is your insurance very expensive pal?

Met him last week, he’s grand.


Can I take it he posts here ?

I think he’s very skilled at obfuscation when asked direct questions about his industry engaging in alleged cartel type practices.

I saw him on Claire Byrnes opposite a lad from the law society. He fairly nailed the law society guy if I recall correctly. Maybe it was the other way around though, but I think it wasn’t.

The law guy nailed him

Think you covered all the angles there

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Can you just stick someone else’s name on a policy to reduce your car insurance?

As in a named driver? That won’t reduce your premium.