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It didn’t knock a shtir out of him either


@KinvarasPassion whats the fuck were you at:

Preliminary root cause: A recent update to the MFA service introduced a coding issue that prevented users from being able to sign in or carry out self-service password resets when using MFA for authentication.


That’s a shit root cause.

A “coding issue”.

Basically lads, the root cause is we had a bug


They don’t know who to blame so blaming a coding issue seems the handiest way out


Well in fairness, who hasn’t blamed a Microsoft Update for something they made a balls of themselves.


there’s an awful bang of bullshit off it though

we introduced a bug in to the MFA service. (that’s fair enough)

My first question if I was involved in the MFA service would be, ok, grand, why didn’t ye roll back the MFA service to the version that worked just before ye broke it and leave a 24 hour outage take place?. Ye thick cunts


They probably couldn’t get hold of support


IT Support aren’t worth a fuck anyway


and if they could it wasn’t on their supplied list of questions with answers…


Probably couldn’t log in themselves


they just work off a knowledge base of answers.

Anything remotely interesting or new and it’s a fucking nightmare.

Although in saying that, trying to get a password changed can be a fucking nightmare too


If there was work on the bed i’d say they’d sleep on the floor.