The its been a bad day thread

Forgot to pack my jeans today

had to cycle down town to buy a new pair

on the return to work my beloved bike got its wheel stuck on a luas track on dawson st and muggins fell off in front of a rake of people



Those luas tracks are deadly for bicyclists. Had a close shave in front of the Luas stop at the top of Harcourt street recently. Luckily I maintained my balance and composure and continued on my way.

I never cycle past a luas track so wasn’t expecting it

luckily for the forum I survived this sticky situation


Good to hear your ok buddy.

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Life throws you all kind of challenges mate. It’s not how you deal with the challenge, but how you learn from it.


thanks mate

Sorry to hear that pal, hope your day gets better.

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You were possibly mildly giddy after Leitrims victory yesterday.
Testing Mondays ahead.

The supporters club are relieved you emerged unscathed…:yum:

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What jeans did you buy?

more jeggings than jeans mate

For @Fagan_ODowd. The doddery auld prowler.

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He’s been consumed by rage of some sort and I feel his judgement isn’t what it should be, I blame * @gilgamboa :neutral_face:


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Flew through Atlanta airport today, seems like that whole city is having a bad week, poor bastards.

  • Celtic humiliated last night.
  • Failed my driving test again this morning.
  • @briantinnion cancelled our luncheon date due to pressing work he needs to carry out on excel and PowerPoint.
  • Got into work to discover my colleague has rang in sick and I’ve to cover him on a lunchtime conference call that started at 12 and is likely to continue on until 2. I’m using my hands free set to listen in.
  • My plan to have my traditional Friday lunch in The 51 followed by my Bailey’s Coffee is in absolute ruins.

It’s been a terrible 19 hours.

FML life.

@KinvarasPassion, please send me an inspirational quote emblazoned across a nice landscape view.


:hushed:Ah no. Genuinely sorry to hear that buddy. What was the reason given?

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For fucks sake. How many times is that now?

Road position.
General lack of competence.


Tough break buddy. Have you handy access to whisky ?

Did you try bribe him?

I don’t like whisky, mate. It was one of TFK’s pretend phases that didn’t garner any interest from me.