The Jazz Thread

Featuring Kamasi Washington. Lovely record.

Black culture is truly magnificent.

Jazz fusion got a pretty bad name in the end but this is a lovely record. A side here.

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@glenshane would have enjoyed this one had he lived

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Currently playing on the office turntable

Listening to a lovely Coltrane double cd here.

Listening to Keith Jarrett the Köln Concert now.

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Listening to the 1978 Sun Ra album Languidity. There are a lot of Sun Ra albums out there and some of them are very poor. A lot of them are “experimental” to the point of taking the piss. This one is brilliant.

I thought you only reserved that one for special occasions or bank holiday weekends.

I had a very long day. I was in the humour for it.

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nice GIF

Listening to A Kind of Blue on a calm Sunday morning is one of life’s little pleasures