The Joe McDonagh Cup incorporating Christy Ring, Nicky Rackard and whoever else

Proper hurling, for proper hurling folk.

Laois are gonna bring Joe home.




Roddy King is gonna lead Laois back to Croke Park glory mate. Get on board.

Jesus Christ

That’s the way roddy is looked on in Laois.

Look at the intensity. Jesus, they’re fit to murder, the lot of them.

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played on saturday afternoons in empty cavernous crumbling shitholes

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The Laois players were giving Roddy awful abuse for a video he made for Glanbia recently. I haven’t the heart to post it, as Roddy is such a nice chap, but I’m sure it’ll surface in time.

He’s not on about the Liam McCarthy mate. This is worse again

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Just in case you were wondering, Roddy says Laois are “training hard”.

Fucking hell lads, thats a serious marker laid down to the rest.

Will probably go to Navan on Saturday. Hurling far more popular than football in a lot of the county cc @mickee321

it certainly is - id say it could be on in Trim id say like a lot of the league games should be a huge crowd as its a repeat of the 2016 Ring final
our local club is football only club tho over where i am

Its on in Navan, Trim normally has challenge and league games.

Hurling definitely more popular in Trim. A lot of clubs either one or other but the lads would still play both codes. Summerhill is football only but all the lads would play hurling for Kiltale which is hurling only, same with Drumree hurling only but all the lads would play for Dunshaughlin.

you disgust me

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Westmeath and Laois to last longer than Dublin and Cork in this year’s championship

wasn’t Ollie murphy drumree? hurling only!?

Who the fuck is/was Joe McDonagh? Is it the traveller fella that won celebrity big brother?




His club was Carnaross…closer to Cavan than Drumree.

Dunshaughlin had some hurling years ago but none now, only football

How’s tricks, mate? Still off the buzz?