The Joe Player General Election Results Hub 2020

Setting this up in advance … please keep it to results and speculation of pending results only-

Point scoring, waffle, playing the man and not the ball, meltdows and election titillation and all SF bashing are to be kept to the main GE Thread.

Tiocfaidh ár lá.

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Title amended


I did consider it. Thanks for thinking big, showing bias for action and taking ownership on this.

Election results and dubious hurling tipping competitions were when Joe came into his own.

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My predictions for Limerick city. Willie (FF), Collins (FF), Quinlivan (SF) and Frankie Daly (Ind) to cause a shock by taking the last seat.

Limerick county. Collins (FF), O’Donovan (FG) and ROD (independent). In ROD we trust.

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Has the Dow got that much clout in the city and have you as much in the county ??

Willie, Quinlivan, Daly & Jan.

Collins, O’Donovan & O’Donoghue to sneak past Neville.

Frankie’s acceptance speech would be off the chain were he to be elected. Don’t know the first thing about the man but he comes across as a decent fella.

ROD polled 2,855 first preferences in 2016. He had little enough profile back then in all honesty. Has put in a savage effort locally - in my biased opinion - in the last couple of years but will need to at least double his vote at the first count to have any chance. Will need to pick up a sizeable chunk of Emmet O’Brien’s vote.

FF running that second candidate at the last minute could do for him though. Little enough SF presence in west Limerick but they’ll still get a few thousand votes.

ROD should be transfer friendly from all sides, unlike the two FG boys.

It is very hard to know . I have a wee feeling there may be a change but maybe not .

As I’ve said before it’s the most boring constituency in the country. Only once ever has a non FF or FG got elected. A female has never been elected.

Really looking forward to Sunday as the results come in.

It’s the only time you get some honesty from politicians too as the back stabbing, infighting and the blame game kicks into gear.

And of course the greatest political saying of them all used repeatedly - “the people have spoken.”

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Did you get a ticket for the Racecourse?

My tips for Louth (and a bit of east Meath) in order:
ó Murchú Sf
Breathnach FF
O’Dowd FG
Munster SF

An absolute dog fight for seat 5 between Fitzpatrick (Ind, ex FG), Nash (LAB), McGahon (FG) and maybe even Deary (GP)

Nash to prevail for #5


I’ll get one alright.

I think Richard got one for the Father. Think Richard is entitled to 20 tickets only.

I’ll just have to storm the place so!

Vote early, vote often, vote #1 Richard O Donoghue

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Copper / dodgy

Are both limerick counts on at the racecourse ?? @dodgy_keeper


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Anyone predict the constituency which will be last to declare an offical result or have most recounts. It will probably be one in which there are 3 or 4 fighting for last seat and someone elected on first count with a huge surplus.