The Leaving Cert Thread

Best of luck to forum members commencing their Leaving Cert exams tomorrow.

Feel free to share any thoughts on papers etc on here.

Did you post that after seeing that idiot rabbiting on about it on the RTE news?

I’d give her one.

Junior Cert - 1997.

Leaving Cert - 1999.

No association football of note missed. :clap:

Good luck to any cunt doing exams of any sort.

Good luck noddy…

do you really think there is any leaving cert students actually on this place…

noddy is doing the leaving…

i have it done actually

lucky fucker, i did my Junior Cert during a world cup and the leaving cert during a european championship.
some dose

Yeah, sure you do noddy. :rolleyes:

I missed Wexford Vs Kilkenny 04 for the Leaving … which would of been a euro championship euro but neither the year of the junior

ok dunph, think whatever you want to think :rolleyes:

I did my Inter in 88 and Leaving in 90, the 2 seminal years for Irish Soccer, I was definitley hung over for at least one exam during the Leaving.

:smiley: when I saw the thread I was coming in to post the same thing.

Finished the leaving in 97. Me and some of the lads figured that would be a good night to drop a few acid tabs for the first time. My recollection of the evenings celebrations is hazy enough but we did end up in some house party somewhere in Roscommon of all stinking places, many a good mile from where we lived. Four of us got a taxi at 7 or 8am-ish and were just about still with it enough to ask the driver to let us off outside a shop on the outskirts of our hometown at which point we all jumped out and legged it for our lives as none of us had any money. I was banana’s and remember hiding in some bushes until I seen the taxi driver fook off again, no doubt cursing the youth of the day. Eventually I started walking home(lived on the other side of town) and lo and behold after only a couple of minutes a guarda car pulled up and I thought I was gimped. The guard was dead on though and asked me if I was ok, and if I wanted a lift. He ended up dropping me to my door, fair fooking play to him. I was wired to the nines and can only imagine what the fook I was saying to him, have a vague memory of asking him about getting into the guards but I wasn’t sure I’d get the right results in Irish :smiley:

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I was 1998 and 2000. Some pain in the sack.

When will the majority be finished? I might go out that night.

Tramco used to be a great aul place back in the day when the Leaving finished. :clap:

I am the leaving cert.

How did you get on in your SATs?