The Let Kev at your Back thread


Since last Saturday evening I have had a terrible pain in my left jaw for some unknown reason.

I tucked into a fry on Saturday evening, no problem, but when I went to eat a packet of crisps later on, I could barely open my mouth. When I yawned or sneezed, the pain was outrageous.

It improved steadily Sunday and yesterday but this morning it is throbbing again.

Any suggestions as to what the problem is?


Mouth or head cancer probably. It’s been in the news recently. Any jaw problems - go see your dentist was the message.


Thanks for putting my mind at ease.


Have you eaten any Jawbreakers recently? Is it possible someone could have slipped one into your dinner?


Partial dislocation it should find its way back into place over the next few days…Neeeeeext!


Could be your wisdom teeth.


Sounds like you have slackjaw, condition endemic with being a leitrim yokel


No - it’s definitely my jaw. When I move it from side to side it hurts badly - I think RTT could be on to something with his dislocation theory.

Made an appointment with a dentist there - a bit of a pain as I used to go out with a dentist and if this had happened 3 months ago I could have got it for free.



Never thought of that!




Lay off the yokes


Lay off the yokel.


Banter, someone get the bantometer


I’d say your fucked alright farmer contact your local undertaker immediately


lay off the fries.


Some folk’ll never eat a skunk and then again some folk’ll…


Anyone ever get a root canal done?
Have been told I need to get one done asap.


Ya, got one done. Can be long enough process, but no worse really than most other dental work. Once you are juiced up it doesn’t really matter.


How much did it cost you?


About 450, got 75 off for stamps or something. In or around that price anyway, its a while back.

Dental costs are dropping i believe due to the competition from around europe, Hungary and such places. So maybe you’ll do better, and you are in Limerick too which is generally cheaper.