The Movies just released for download thread


@glenshane did you watch this?

What’s going on there near the beginning when he kills the hornets with a fluorescent tube?

so bad, its good kind of thing. f youre after a bit of mindless action with corny dialogue, flick it on

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Not yet. But i will…eventually

Palmer is a great show.
Justin Timberlake is a great actor.

They more or less gave away the entire movie in that trailer.

Not sure if I’d be able to follow this one.
Sounds complex…

It’s about the assassination of South Korean President Park in 1979, and the coup that followed.

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7.9 is a fairly decent rating.

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It’s in Korean though

7점 9점

Spoiler that ffs

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Yea, seemingly it was very popular in Korean last year, but the Korean language wouldn’t bother me to be honest.

After the assassination a number of different factions tried to take over.
Sounds complicated…

Bang has the Iron Claw up now. Christ above it’s a hard watch.

We watched dungeons and dragons with the kids just there. Great oul show.
Hugh Grant 100% modelling himself on Boris Johnson

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You’re not afraid to mix it.
Fair play.

The Poor Things…