The Mugging Off thread

Looks like Mike Ashley is mugged off the new Huns good and proper

Rangers fans’ groups have expressed concern over the board’s reported attempts to get the Newcastle owner Mike Ashley to underwrite a £4m share issue.
Ashley already owns about 7% of the club’s shares and the Union of Fans, an umbrella group of Rangers supporters’ representatives, has demanded assurances over dual ownership complications.
Rangers announced earlier this month that they were seeking support from institutional investors to underwrite a possible equity issue.
A Union of Fans statement read: “We believe the SFA have been approached to find out what would be required to give clearance for this, due to Mr Ashley’s ownership of Newcastle United.
“We would question the wisdom of approaching someone who, despite his obvious wealth, cannot significantly invest in the club without removing himself from his ownership position at Newcastle.”
The statement added: “We are also concerned that, under Uefa regulations on dual ownership of clubs, Mr Ashley cannot have a ’decisive influence over decision making’ at Rangers without it leading to the possibility of us not being able to compete in European competition.
“He could find himself holding around 20% of the shares in our club, having control of all club merchandise and being the largest single shareholder if he underwrites this share issue.
“Will the board clear this unequivocally, and in advance, with Uefa to ensure that Rangers will not miss out on European football in the future because of Mr Ashley’s ownership of Newcastle?
“Finally, Mr Ashley’s initial purchase of shares in Rangers appears to have been linked to his Sports Direct merchandise deal. The only man inside Rangers who liked that deal at the time it was put in place was [the former chief executive] Charles Green.
“We hope that any possible assistance given to the board by Mr Ashley at this time will not see him clinch another favourable deal, perhaps to rename Ibrox at a knock down price.”

How are they going to get back into Europe? They went bust and owe millions, and they’re not called ‘Rangers’ anymore. :smiley:

Mike Ashley seems like an alright sort.

Bumped for Vincent Tan

Mario will mug off the Pool good and proper in a few months!

According to Peevish Teaboy, Jonny Sexton has just mugged off the IRFU

And Madser mate

This is a direct quote from the article - what a load of southside shite

The Indo says there was a triumvirate at the contract talks: Sexton himself, IRFU CEO Philip Browne and his Leinster counterpart Mick Dawson. One would also propose that Sexton’s agent Fintan Drury was a key figure in brokering such a deal.

How has he mugged them off?

Boylesports were the unlucky bookies after Niall Carew, who resigned as Waterford manager a few weeks ago, landed the massive bet with two bets using the same four selections.

His selections were Ribbons in the 3.10 Deauville at 10/1, Sabrina harty’s pair of Ansgar in the 4.15 at Goodwood at 10/1 and Kalann in the 5.10 at the Curragh at 16/1 and Kerry v Mayo to finish in a draw at 8/1, totalling to odds of 18,512/1 for the accumulator alone. Kalann’s win at the Curragh seen the intuitive punter turn a €50 bet into a staggering €170,000.

Aoife Heffron, PR Executive at Boylesports, commented “We would like to offer our congratulations to the lucky customer on their fantastic €170,000 win and wish them all the best in enjoying their winnings.”She added “Not only does the customer have their massive winnings to celebrate but they can also revel in beating Boylesports - we hold our hands firmly up in defeat.”

Fooking hell farmer


I only scan through a lot of the stuff on here bro.

What’s the record for personal mugging offs in 1 day? @farmerinthecity must be close to the record.

Mohammed Al Fayed fairly mugs off Felix Magath here

That’s a mugging off.

I see friend of the forum Ewan MacKenna destroyed some Indo journalist on twitter.

You won’t beat Adams in a debate. Nice to see that weasel Tubridy struggling and clearly seething there.

No such thing mate

Sorry, meant to say a “fucking cunt”.

saw him on tv today, christ almighty there is something amiss with the irish media when this bogtrotting porky pig lookalike gets to voice an opinion

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