The NBA Thread


Saving it? They are a team of geriatrics.


Too many role players, and they’ve added Isaiah Thomas to what was an already shaky defensive team. They’ve decent assets so can do something before the trade deadline.


I hope they’re finished. Sure LeBron will probably fuck off to the Lakers in the Summer at any rate.



Was Charles Barkley better than Jordan?

I think so, yes.


Good game here in Cleveland between OKC and Cavs.


Thunder going to town here - 76 points in first half.


Paul George is unbelievable. I still think melo is a waste of space.


Didn’t realise this was on, flicked over to it now and it’s only half time. Lovely jubbly. Cleveland are a busted flush.


LeBron chasing 30,000 career points here. Needs 41.


LeBron feel short of the 30k.

He also seemed to throw Lue under the bus after, and IT having a crack at the team’s defense as a whole after the game. Will be interesting to see who they trade for. LeBron is gone regardless in the off-season you’d imagine.



What brought this on at all?? Different positions but certainly not, I don’t watch basketball anymore but only Magic ever came close, Kobe on a very good day
The original Isiah and Clyde the glide were my favourites though


So Charles, Drexeler , the mail man and Larry Bird…the greatest players ever.


The mail man was a junkie. Best in game dunker however.


Blake Griffin traded to the Pistons.


Kevin Love out for 6-8 weeks with a broken hand for the Cavs


A showpony.


Celtics on fire tonight. Only the Knicks but still an impressive performance, up by 32.


Knicks are tanking. I assume that soft lanky streak of Euro piss Porzingis is ‘resting’?