The NBA Thread


This is very tiresome already


You need a woman in your life bro, this racist shit leaves the impression you are very sad and desperate


I’m married mate.


George just spent the entire game humiliating this cracker bum Ingles.


I said a woman though


My wife is a woman though mate.


This series is over, Jazz won’t win anything with the likes of Rubio and Ingles on the court.


Crackers pretending to play basketball upsets you as well mate?


I’ll leave that to the galleries to decide


Anyway, back on topic. San Antonio making a right battle of game 2, up 53-47 at the half.


Warriors lead 80-75 end of Q3.


Wade showing that bum Dragic how to play.


Buying a wife doesnt count bro.


Lillard stinking it up again…

If he were a cracker, @Turenne would be going berserk.


Playoff Rondo is a different animal


They are double and triple teaming dame and he has no answer. Seems slow though, i blame the newborn. Not enough aggression and CJ is muck. Maybe just a bad run of form after a good one a few months back.


“You’re a bad motherfucker”


It’s on Lillard. He’s the marquee player, the regular season means little when you can’t put the team on your back in the playoffs.


Of course, im not disputing that, but if hes double teamed every single attack he needs others especially CJ to pick up the slack. Dames not playing well, the rest are playing worse


What time are my beloved Celtics on today, guys?