The NBA Thread


Cunts are shootings 61% dame getting doubled every single play and he can’t figure a way out of it. Fuck rondo.


Pelicans now shooting 62.5%. They can’t miss. Blazers are in cancun mentally now.


If they lose, and it’s looking likely, this will be ten playoff losses on the trot for the Blazers, quite the run.


The warriors would have beaten pretty much anyone the first 6 in a row of that.


42 point quarter for New Orleans


Portland waking up finally, 6 point game.


Refs riding us


‘Cracker’ JJ Reddick getting it done for Philly last night


Bucks even up the series against the Celtics. A bit more competitive action in the playoffs this year.


Celtics might get past the Bucks but the experience that Brown and Tatum are getting will be the only benefit as they wont get past round 2. Brown carried them today with 34pts.


Smart back for game 6 … We need some experience badly.

In the long run this will stand to these young players but it may be a year or two too soon.


Good final quarter here between the Dubs and Spurs. Spurs up 88-81 but Warriors charging.


Huge win for the Jazz. Donovan Mitchell continues to break Utah records in his rookie season, just took top spot off Karl Malone for points by a rookie in the playoffs. Such a fun player to watch.


PG will skip the thunder for the Lakers in the Summer and Westbrook will be left to pad his stats in Oklahoma for the rest of his prime years.


Marcus is doing the business for the C’s in the first Q. Up by 8


Bucks down by 14 midway through the 2nd Q. A lot more ball movement from the C’s and Horford at the 5 spot taking the Bucks bigs defense out of the game


Boston with a narrow win, 92-87, to take a 3-2 lead. Philly up by 66-54 in the third, Warriors/Spurs up next.


Simply unrale from Lebron.


Block was goaltending, not called.


So Indiana would have lost by 1 instead of 3?