The Niall Boylan Show - Classic Hits 4FM. A is a disgrace

What do ye think lads??

What has happened, Joe? :eek:

I think that is anti limerick, anti life anti everything

He’s a creep

A real Mother Theresa

Met him at the wedding of another 4fm ptesenter many moons ago a decent skin

Mother Theresa more like Hilder

Are ye all set for sunday bud

Are you enjoying your holidays, Joe??

There’s a lad called Eddie who rings in regularly. A wum par excellence, typical oirish sheep take the bait everytime. Boylan himself is so easily wound up its embarrassing.

They callers are stupid and he loves to pray on their simple minds

I am, Joe.
Very nervous but that’s to be expected.


I’ve never herd it Joe.

Wats the tissue with it?

It’s a disgrace Joe

I heard the show once and was under the impression that many of the callers were fakes, hired actors I think. The whole thing is a wumming exercise of the highest order. Why do you listen Joe? Just by starting a thread here you’re promoting the fecker.

@Joe Player has been on holidays for the last month and is going out of his mind… He’ll be back to work next week tho and i’ll have him ship shape in no time.

Sounds like TFK

You be ready for your boss

Listening to this show today and the guy on the phone sounds like Nidge. :slight_smile: