The Official Cork GAA 2017 Thread


You are a simpleton.

Have you ever attended a Co Board meeting?


When O Donovan did up his blueprint for cork GAA I made prettt much this point. No point fighting the system just work within it softly softly catchy monky



In reality i understand the system better than you could ever dream of. Because you see a system and not people.

Now piss off somewhere else and find some other rubbish to spout. You are out of you depth


What happens at them?


Fuck all generally as anything worth discussing get hidden or ruled out of order.

Now fuck off. You are from a different county. You haven’t a clue what goes on in Cork



Go on now & look up another fad to get horned up about. O’Donovon can definitely do without a simpleton like you hindering his efforts.


Thats exactly whats happening.

However when you get half the delegates standing up and applauding Frank for disgusting bullying of the Freemount delegate recently you know what you are up against.

Our delegate has regularly not brought motions to the club to discuss and had regularly abstained from voting despite being instructed to vote one way or another.


You were saying above?


What someone with balls and backbone?

I would not expect you to recognise that


Iv no doubt he is trying his best but dont bring a knife to a gunfight. Will take years to get weight of numbers behind him. He is probabky weakening his position now if he tries and loses out badly


Are you retarded?

Thats exactly why nothing happens


I don’t know, he has massive support on the ground. Its getting the cunts into meetings is the problem and this has whats kept Frank et al there. The pure misery of meetings


Bollocks & Bluster more like. Who do fuck do you think gives a continental fuck what you think when you haven’t the gumption to pay membership in your local club.

As I said, O’Donovon is far better off without a hypocrite like you making noise in the background. :smile:


Classic Kev.


Yep. I bumped it on the older cork thread my point about the slow process of building support. But its not easy.


Quite alot of people seem to actually.

Anyway, if i can help i will.

You don’t have to be a member of a club to either care or have an opinion.

You are made to become one of those cunts.

No good at playing.
No good at coaching.
Chip on shoulder

County Board man all the way


Deflect all you want but you haven’t the gumption to pay up membership with your own club. You are a blow hard who jumps on Hip Bandwagons.

I’m twice the Gael you are, Fella. :grin::grin:


I’m neither playing nor coaching with my home club. Why would i pay membership?

And Gael?


Gowl more like


Toddle along now, Fella.


Its our thread

Go crave attention elsewhere