The Official Cork GAA 2017 Thread


Court case not so long ago about it, him and his aul lad


He was replying to comments under a Facebook post from the Irish News about that.


What was jist of it?



Clearly a mad man


He was caught on Facebook chat wanking off to a fake profile, they screenshot it and tried to blackmail him with his wife, apparently he found out it was someone local so he and he’s aul lad after a feed of pints went round their house with hurleys


Modern life is fucking mental sometimes.

Thats somewhere between totally bizarre and funny as fuck.

A few shillings short of a note i’d say.


Fucking hell, how’d he get the ould fella onside for that?


That’s the rumour dunno how true it is but a few boys I know up that way told me that’s what happened


Dunno they are all fucking mad up that way


Bonkers. You’d be wary when out on the beer with him. Turn in an instant. In fact he’s mad without it. Even though he was only here a year there’s stories about him.



Besides the Cadogan rumour, lads on PROC saying one of the O’Driscolls from the Cork football squad is also training with the hurlers, and someone is even claiming Steven McDonnell is gone from the panel.


Nemo won 0-16 to 0-11.


Harnedy new captain.


Colm O’ was dropped from football team.

He played hurling for a while with Bishopstown but not with a good while i would think.

He was average as a Senior Club Hurler. His one claim to fame was getting Pat Horgan out off a few years ago.

I would imagine its total nonsense he is hurling with Cork


Confirmed by multiple people online at this stage.


Is ge goibg to the gym with them?
He is mates with and possibly lives with Cadogan


Are they bumboys?


Whats a bumboy?