The Official Cork GAA 2017 Thread


Ah he is entitled to his view and I dont have much of an issue with CIT or UCC being allowed enter. They have only won 1 before is it? Rarely if ever is the supposed massive advantage all that. But can also see it doesnt do much for the cork senior team


But is the county championship about the Senior team? I would not believe so.


Same reasons divisions are exempt. Its ridiculous to suggest they go down.

I get your point though.

Its a tradition. And sometimes that works. Its also pretty unique. If you look at the people involved with UCC in particular there is a real inter breeding with cork Gaa In general


Never got that.
If you really want a ticket you will get it.


It is to a fair degree if its organised by CCB who alsp organise and fund county team. Surely they are using all the comps to ultimately better cork hurling with the senior side the main representative of that.

Btw. Genuone question. Could Midleton sign up a fella from waterford to play in both senior championships on basis he is working down there? How is it set out in rules.


Are the half the teams in the SHC immune from relegation so? Must be at least half from 2 colleges and the divs


Unless you’re a stone useless bastard with little or no contacts.


All teams are immune to immediate relegation.

You have to lose all games 2 years running and its a review. 3 years tunning and you have no choice


Really!!! Ffs!!!


Its kinda fair when you have a draw and knockout system.

Its all over the shop now anyway. Like at least half the senior teams wouldn’t have a hope of winning the Prem Int. And that works down the line.

My crowd are Prem. Int but they wouldn’t win the Mid-Cork Junior division. In fact they would be maybe the 4th/5th best team. So its a joke


Its the GAA.
Make it comllicated enough that youncan get out of anything if need be


no, you can only play for one club in a county championship. even the rules about playing in America and Australia used to be mentally strict but have come back a bit somewhat and has room for participation in both. So I dont know how the colleges get an exemption for club championships. I know Vincents tried to get rid of UCD in Dublin a few years ago after they won a few hurling and then football county titles but they are still going.

It does make a fuck of things though. They could be better than county teams one week and below intermediate level the next. I dont see the benefit of a county championship to have college teams participate.


UL used to compete in the Limerick football championship, but they took it seriously for two years so we fucked them out. Them being good wasn’t part of the deal.


UCD dominated Dublin club hurling for s couple of years in the last decade . They left of their own bat I recall .


They won 2 in a row, not sure I’d call it dominating.


It creates uniqueness.

Lads getting to ay against Jamie Barron et al is unique.

It creates controversy.

It creates debate.

Jesus the GAA is shit enough at marketing, especially cork, but this works


does it though? does it create a better championship? Lads getting to play against Jamie Barron isnt unique, a shit load play against him in Waterford. Creating debate or controversy arent what I consider positive reasons for making a championship better.

I cant say anything on the marketing or if they pull crowds, but I suppose if they get anything like the thousands who go to the Fitzgibbon games then that would be a positive.


Of course it does.

And it is completely unique for Cork club players to play against Jamie Barron et al.

Teams get worked up to beat them and standards raise.

Midleton are fuming, but they are well known bottlers and i believe they still threw that away last night.
Sars are fore warned now. The neutral crowd will absolutely be increased.

People are moaning on FB etc.

All marketing works in this case. And its streets ahead of the zero marketing the CB does.

Who gives a fuck about oositive marketing. The game in cork is crippled by development squads, gradings at Minor etc and too much familiarity and no cut to it. Anything that brings that back is welcome.


I am talking about it in a general sense, and not specific to Cork.

But I still dont see how they make a championship better. If they only played with one club, it would be something, but the fact that they could have a star studded team one week and then half a squad the week after because of games in other counties just doesnt make sense to me. I also dont see how it helps in marketing (which I assume should really be attendances?) Are people really going to go to games to watch the college team to see them fail/win or whatever? Surely a county final with 2 native clubs would capture the imagination far more than a club against a college side?

And I cant say as I didnt play with a college side in a county championship, but I doubt it would really mean that much to them if they won or lost? It would be great, all winning is great, but knowing lads who did win county titles for colleges, it was just another medal really to them and not a whole lot more.


I know Moynihan really wanted to win one and that Fitzmaurice and Galvin rate 99 (UCC won Cork) very highly in terms of their medals.

If course they make the championship better.

Use your head. Without them there is 6 less county players playing in the County Championship.

I also think its a uniqueness to Cork and UCC where counties are closer than say in UCD. Playing with UCC, from what i can put tigether from various people i met over the years, seems alot more important than it is in other colleges.

CIT are essentially trying to build that