The Official Cork GAA 2017 Thread


Yeah UCC could very well be different alright. Sure who is that clown on here from TIpp that goes on about them the whole time. Its that part I dont get, some lad who happens to get a course due to CAO offers and then goes on about them. Anyway, I diverse.

Yeah the lads I know with medals would be UCD (hurling). Didnt think a whole pile of it. Would also wonder, would the Kerry lads winning one in UCC be as much as a shoving it in the Cork boys faces to win one in their county? Was there a year recently where pretty much the whole UCC football team was all Kerry and it didnt go down well? I dont think I could be convinced that having a college team makes a championship team better, so I’ll stop annoying you over it.


Ya that happened regularly. 14 started one game and tge 15th was from Limerick or Tipp i think.

But sure you could say the same about parish connections. My dad bought our site in the pub ffs. We could have ended up in any of 6 clubs around here.

I’m sure some Kerry fellas think like that, Galvin for instance, but i think in general there is an affection towards UCC. That really came out when John Corcoran died. There is an emotional attachmebt to it and you get quite a group (small admittedly) of Kerry people who now live in Cork who go to support UCC.


I think something that is lost in tge football rivalry. Kerry people love Cork. The population of them here now is unbelievable.

And Cork people love Kerry. If they never talked football they would be the closest of counties in terms of mutual appreciation


I understand that but it’s ridiculous


Has to be good for the average club player in Cork to be pitting his wits against a player of the calibre of Jamie Barron.


Wouldn’t make a difference .


You obviously don’t so


I understand that they’re treated as a club but it’s ridiculous that they are treated as a club


Lads on PROC saying Kingston had to pay for his own AI ticket. :joy:


Harnett gone as a selector. Kingston still to confirm?


What’s the low down on this. Selectors don’t usually walk away unless their is pressure from some direction. Would he have been Kingston’s own man ?


Was told he (Harnett) was leaving ages ago and that the rest were staying. Wasn’t told why but he has a proper job (dentist) so maybe that’s why.


They’ll find someone to fill the gap.


Barrs beat Ballincollig handy enough.

Barrs are a serious outfit. Shields has to play no.11 for Cork next year.

Ballincollig won the 1st rd tue by 13 points against Barrs. Shields and Sherlock were missing. They were probably exactly the 16 point turn around.

CLA wins again. Ballincolligs old failings surface again


What does that bit mean?


Contraints Led Approach to coaching.

Intelligent games based oractice where you use constraints to enhance tactics or skills or weaknesses


Like no soloing or no using your good leg?


Nope. Thats giving them the movement so you are taking away the decision. Its why one hop one solo is probabky a negative.

Time is a great constraint. 6 secs to get from keeper to 65.

Also rewarding skills with pounts in a game. Hooks get a point for instance in a normal game. Watch the amount of hooks go up. Intrinsic motivation.

Its also the manipulation of the task or environment. Scenario training. Loading the backs. Loading the forwards etc


Got this video as a Christmas present for the old fella back in 2000, I think, and haven’t seen it since. Some great interviews on it.


To plebs like us it’s a conditional game or drill. I do sometimes wish Dr Kev would make an effort sometimes to simplify his language when he’s imparting his wisdom to us mortals.