The Official Cork GAA 2017 Thread


That looks brilliant, looking forward to watching that right through.


Ya but alot of conditioned games in GAA and Soccer in particular do as much harm as good.

Its all about learning.

There is no learning in one hop one solo.

To steal a term used by a friend, you are trying to create a “Learning space”

I have largely given up explaining mini games. We just play them and i ask them what they think they are getting from it. Keep at it either till they realise it within the session (but don’t flog it either) or they get it over 4 sessions. If what you wanted to achieve has not happened or they do not come up with the reasoning for it by your 4th attempt then there is something wrong with the design of it.
Very often they get it immediately.

Here is a book ye should all read. If i had this 20 years ago i think i would have shaved 3-5 years off my development


Kieran Kingston has stepped down as Cork manager


Strange decision they should give it to ‘the rock’ :joy: :joy:


Very interesting times ahead.

Not a massive surprise up to recently, but this is. So i wonder what happened. He was back from what i heard but something changed.

Absolutely no stand out replacement. The camogie Managemebt team would do a great job, but would not be accepted by the fans or Cb.

There really is nobody else


There was rumours in Douglas Thursday - I thought they were getting mixed up with John Kiely…

Kingston to Limerick the obvious rumour now.


What does KK do with himself on a day to day basis now


I assume it’s now Meyler’s job.


Sad to see him step down but not surprised. He stepped back before because of work commitments.


Surely it isn’t because of work commitments? He would have stepped down earlier otherwise. Think something is amiss.


Hartnett going a few days ago and now Kingston looks suspicious.


I was told Hartnett was going after the Waterford match and that the rest were staying, so something not right with Kingston going.


Cork better keep their eyes off Davy.
Davy is staying with Wexford.

Seems bit odd after a good year.


Very little to do with work i would suggest. I am gearing this was definitely a fall out


Shock cork is fhe job every one wants cc @backinatracksuit @ChocolateMice


Davy wouldn’t be lucky enough to get cork he has money to make in Wexford


Cork will appoint a Corkman, this is a pity as Kingston seemed like a very decent fella and he formed that group into a very very good team, I’ve no doubt it’ll be onwards and upwards but I don’t see us competing with Galway for a few years.


My pal the Rock


I don’t see that coming to pass Joe, I’m out of the loop but as things stand I wouldn’t object to Meyler, or is he a dinosaur @caoimhaoin?


Eddie Brennan to Cork.