The Official Cork GAA 2017 Thread


Or would john alam


Donal Og in with shout?


A kk man over cork never


Ye have Better


Eddie Brennan would have a better chance of getting it than Donal Og.


The Rockies held on in a tight quarter final against Newcestown that I followed on twitter 1-16 - 1-14


Well its difficult now.

He is and he isn’t. I would have thought he was the man to toughen them up for 2 years and then bring someone in. But KK (with Mylers help) ironed out alot of that. So whats the great advantage to him now?
I wouldn’t be so sure now. And definitely wouldn’t want his coach in.
However i know he had a relationship with John Dwyer as well so maybe thats an option as a coach.

But its a clustetfuck and i believe alot of people are up in arms over it.


Would you not give it to Ger Cunningham kev? You were killed telling us he was a great fella and all the hassle up here wasn’t his fault at all.


What are his work committments? I have no idea what his job is




Wouldnt have thought so anymore. He was never as heavily involved as his brother anyway


Don’t think he was ever into pubs. Think it is financial manageme t or something. I was told but forgot. He is a big shot managing people and or money


One Kingston out, another in?


Surely not


He was a v senior manager in one of the Banks and after that he set up a company which took on the management of pubs and hotels in receivership. He is gone from that for a fair while as well though. A very nice man. Dont think i ever met anyone who didnt speak highly of him


This is all very strange.


I heard the cork county board charged him for all Ireland tickets and It was the straw that broke the camels back after a string of other incidents


Think he got fucked over by said bank in one of their cost cutting schemes/re-orgs.


Is it? He was involved for 3 years with JBM so hes given 5 years to it. For what? I was told, now believe it or not, that he was doing the role on voluntary basis so that’s a fair portion of ones life to give up.


Thats true