The Official Cork GAA 2017 Thread


Doubt he left with his hands hanging to him


Tom Kingston doing great work with UCC.

Hed bring great charm and charisma to the sideline.


A Cork team that they must see as being on the cusp of an All Ireland, rightly or wrongly. Surprised to see him walk away.

I think they’re a good bit off myself.

Sully will take over now.




Myler id say.


Heard he was shifted sideways into a shit job in a branch. I’ll investigate further on Monday and report back.


A Wexford man over Cork. Hardly?


That was the MO.
‘Encouraged’ into a severance scheme


Most/All county managers managing their native county would be doing it voluntarily I’d imagine


Basic expenses the same as what the players get is normally the done thing I believe


The two city clubs won last night. Blackrock a couple of points over Newcestown and Na Piarsaigh hammered Bandon.


I think Cunningham was the man the Cork players wanted when Gerald McCarthy was appointed for his first term and also re- appointed. seemed popular with a certain amount of Cork players at that time.


isn’t Frank from Kilkenny stock and he in the thick of it all in Cork for years!


he certainly has the passion and organisational skills for the job

raft of experience with Kerry {twice} , wexford, Carlow , selector on cork senior teams, manager cork under 21s, number of Cork intermediate club teams

who are the other contenders? a comeback by Donal O’Grady, John Allen???


Rock, Pat Ryan, Meyler, Denis Ring and at a stretch, Landers. Almost certainly from the first three.


Meyler has acceptance as a Corkman for some time, he wouldn’t be considered an ‘outside appointment’ in the true sense.
I like The Rock but this job isn’t for him


Appointing the rock would be the equivalent of Waterford appointing Dan, never going to happen


Is Dans old man a former waterford co board chairman and a long standing crony of the man who runs waterford hurling?


Ger cunmans told me he would never take over cork any


Any odds up ??