The Official Cork GAA 2017 Thread


Are you insane


Tom Kingston is a good man



Big day ahead for The College. Knocking out two doyens of Cork GAA in both codes will push the seething level off the scale.


Sheedy and Daly… :joy:


They are down four or five I think. Would like to see them beat Sars but I reckon they’ll fall a few short.

Mind you Imokilly beating Sars would be the most satisfying outcome.


A Kildare man was their footie manager for years!

Meyler must be in Cork 40 years at this stage


Ok. I am not going to deny that on one level. Dodgy businesses aside. He seems likable.

However he is not a good coach nor manager based on what i saw with his UCC involvement


Ok forget sheady is a tipp cunt cc @caulifloweredneanderthal


I was very shocked at this turn of events. I really hope it wont put the brakes on what is clearly a very exciting Cork team.


Tompkins was a very strange and weird man, he would have fitted in well with the parochial and clannish attitude Cork people, someone like Paudi O’Shea or Davy Fitz would never been let in charge of Cork


The Rock is a real Cork Weirdo, he’s lead a very strange personal life


I wonder could Jimmy Barry be persuaded to give it another go.


He’s a real legend down there, I used to see him the odd time in Lennoxes on the bandon road getting a feed after a rake of porter in the barrrs clubhouse, its actually a bit weird the cork fascination with him


He was taking a circuitous route home there mate, and you were a long way from your own lodgings,
Strangely enough for you this anecdote doesn’t add up at all at all.


Moks is where he has his feed of pints before strolling down to Jackie Lennox’s for a bag of chips


he used to drive home in them days


Especially as i used to meet JBM regularly in Moks and it was generally his local


did you ever drink in Ellis’s kev? there used to be some craic on that snooker table upstairs


Podsy on PROC saying it’s about a lack of resources/support.