The Official "Good Places to Eat (GrubWatch)" Thread

Please post up any places that provide a good spread to the paying customer. Feedback on price, quantity and ease of access welcomed.

The Skeff, Galway. Full dinner at lunchtime. 9.50 for good selection of carvery. The fish in particular was tasty. Ideal for when in town on the beer for the day or just passing through.

Smyths, Limerick. Similar to the above. 9.90 for similar carvery selection. Big screens around for all big games/most Saturdays

Get ta fuck. Smyths is average at best.
i usually get the shits after eating there.

McDonaghs, Galway. Peerless.


You’ll get a grand feed in Eddie Rockets. Was in there last week and ate all around me, even had an ice-cream sundae afterwards…

Ah for fuck sake Dunph Emty Pockets is a rob of a place. At least Dick Turpin wore a mask.

They’ve tasty burgers and i’d be prepared to murder for those bacon and cheese fries…

Finnigans in Limerick, out on the Dublin Road :clap:

Top nosh Noddy, good call.

Vaughans - Liscannor Co. Clare

Top notch sea food


You’ll get a smashing breakfast in Dolans on the Dock Road. I’d often eat in O’Connors in town as well, another i’d recommend.

anyone ever in The Pinewood Inn (used to be called that anyway) in Charleville??? fair nice grub

I thought there was already a thread dedicated to Limericks knackery eateries???


The Cellar Bar Galway. Great spot.

Also, The Sherwood in Ennis. Quality.

For once the dunph knows what he is talking about

The Quays carvery in Galway is top notch.
The carvery in Barrys of Douglas also.
Treacys of the Heath(thatched roof) in Portlaoise do savage feeds too.

Cant believe the doyen of the Limerick chippers group is advocating Eddie fucking Rockets… :rolleyes:

May I recommend The Gandon Inn in Laois for the breakfast on a Sunday for any of our Southern based folk travelling to Croker later on in the Summer. Less than 8 yoyos for a breakfast that would even fill someone like Dunph.

No you may not…

I’ll do my own thing regardless.

Eddie Rockets I fucking ask you…

On my regular visits to Galway I usually make a point of getting a take away from McDonagh’s and eating it while having a walk down through the Spanish Arch and around by the Claddagh and the Docks. Particularly good on a bracing cold day during the Christmas period.