The Official Irish Times Best Places to Holiday in Ireland Thread


Is she a hobbit?


As @fistoffury said, definitely hit Morrisseys. You cant make bookings, so if not in at opening in the evening, be prepared to grab a pint and wait, grand if its just you and a missus, but not so with kids. Trumps spot is good for a bite too, expensive, but its a nice walk around there too. Dont miss out on Doughmore Beach walk, just at the back of Trumps. Its wonderful.

White Strands is a nice beach too should ye get the weather.

Moher Farn is the job too, the kids will love it.


New beach for ye lads


I’m not getting involved in any local slagging matches. But it doesn’t instil one with a great deal of confidence when you google a place name and the main attraction seems to be a fucking wind farm.


It’s like that beach in Lahinch. Disappears and reappears every 12 hours.


I see a man died after falling from Blarney castle this morning.


Some yank who came to kiss the stone I suppose?


I think you can get a fair idea of what happened by reading this.


Ah yea. That’ll do it alright. The ol Darkness into Light didn’t really reach that far sadly.


Outstanding day on the Costa del Banjo


And the towns of Kilrush, and Kilkee can be seen
From the high rocky slopes of The cliffs of Dooneen.


There was an article on tourism there on Newstalk this morning. Shane Coleman made the comment that not everywhere could be up to the standard of a Westport, Dingle or Dunmore East. I gave a little fist pump at that I have to confess.


I heard that, he was really struggling to think of somewhere after Westport & Dingle. Considering the piece was largely about the Wild Atlantic Way it was some going to come out with Dunmore East. It must have left a lasting impression on him.


There’s fuck all in Dunmore in fairness. Bar the upper and lower tennis courts.


Would you ever fuck off with yourself, you miserable Polish cunt.


Did you kiss the breast pocket on your shirt (or thereabouts ) to really ram it home ??


Spent a night there, nothing happening around the place and got probably the worst meal I’ve been served in Ireland.
Wouldn’t hurry back.


Don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out.


More likely to hit me on the head


Mission accomplished.