The Official Irish Times Best Places to Holiday in Ireland Thread


Good view of Wexford at least.


What GAA club covers Dunmore East ?


Gaultier GFC, and both Passage and Ballygunner would have the rights for the hurlers.


I forgot the charging thing. Sorry.


2016 Bathing Water report.

Dunmore East retains its 2 (two) blue flags.

By contrast the north Fingal coast and Galway Bay appear to be cesspits.


You’d want your head examined to swim in the Irish Sea.


Apart from East Wexford and the North Wexford Riviera :clap:


Waterford has some wonderfully named GAA clubs, but then you’d expect that cosmopolitan influence in the sunny south-east.

I’m told the “fashion derby” when Gaultier take on Modeligo is always one to watch - apparently it attracts spectators from the nearby Model county of Wexford, and Kilkenny people have even been known to take a catwalk up to the venue when the teams clash - that’s clash in terms of trying to win the match, as opposed to a clash of colours, which would be very inappropriate in a fashion derby match.


Portmarnock Beach is an Oasis of quality. Excellent water.


So is the Burrow beach.


Cc @Bandage


Can anyone recommend a half daycent place to eat along the M6 near enough to Ballinasloe? Pub grub would be grand, nothing too swanky.


There’s a pub in Tarbert called “The Swanky”.
It’s not Swanky


I’ll put that in my notebook for when I’m planning my north Kerry trip.


You could try one of the three Supermacs in Ballinasloe?


Is the pub down by the ferry still going ?? Tarbert isn’t very glamorous .



Glin is a lot nicer and the right side of the border .

Finucane’s Bar in Ballylongford is a treasure .


That’s the swanky I’d say



That place is in Ballinasloe, twas very decent when I was there last