The Official Irish Times Best Places to Holiday in Ireland Thread



It is not.

The place he’s talking about is the Ferry Bar or something


Heading up to Westport for a couple of nights, Any of our well-travelled sorts want to throw out a few recommendations?


An Port Mor for a meal. You won’t be disappointed


There’s a bar outside the town along the quays that’s grand for a pint and a spot of music… You’d get some decent pub grub there also


Who’s in your party mate? What are you looking for?


Just the pair of us in it - “life partner” etc :rollseyes:
Accommodation is booked so food and sightseeing ideas moreso


The resteraunt in knockkranny house hotel is as good as you will get anywhere with great views from the dining room.

Spin out to achill to the beach, or if feeling bit more athletic cycle out on greenway you would get a spin back in from bike hire crowd if you didn’t want to do the return leg


I can’t help so only to +1 a few recommendations, the port mor is indeed a fine restaurant, theirs at least two outstanding beaches on Achill and the beehive is a gorgeous cafe style restaurant, Matt Molloys was always a good spot for a pint but might be a bit twee depending on your taste, the Greenway is lovely and not in the least challenging,


Dirty hoor of a day on the Reek


Did you do it barefoot?


Did I fuck. Twas hard enough do it with runners in those condition. Passed some foreign chap doing it that way when I was coming down, and a crowd of traveller women with him. Daft carry-on.


Currently on my first trip to Sligo with my life Partner and having a lovely few days. This is from just over the border near Glencar waterfall earlier in lovely Leitrim, looking back towards Sligo


Sligo has been voted by Vogue as one of the ten coolest places in the world to holiday


What would that tranny know?


Fellas, anybody got any experience in a camper van around Ireland, the kids were mad to do it so we’ve rented one for next week with the thought of buying one if it is a roaring success, going out foreign on an airplane is such a chore so it seems like a plan for a few years and we can probably sell it on without much lost. We’ve stayed in mobile homes on campsites all around the south of England and Brittany and its always been great for the kids.
Anyway, we’re picking it up from Dublin airport so the whole country is open to us, anybody done this before, got any tips? Any great campsites? We’re likely to head north for Antrim or south to Wexford/Waterford but are open to just about anything.


Great campsites in Ireland ?

You are taking a risk if the weather is shit but amazing if weather is good

Go west would be key

Buy a combi mate


A combi?? :scream:

I’ve probably never mentioned it before mate so you’d have no way of knowing, but I’ve got 4 kids.
I know the west coast very very well, from Cork to Donegal, that doesn’t mean I wont head there with the van, the North East is the bit of Ireland I’d be least familiar with.


The Glen’s are stunning


+1, @backinatracksuit. There’s load of camp sites up in the Glens near Giant’s Causeway, Carrick-a-Rede and then around near Dunloy and so on.


Thanks mate, I’ve been up north a fair bit when I was younger but only in Donegal a couple of times with the kids,
It’s a gorgeous part of the world and I’ve heard that Titanic thing in Belfast is decent?