The Official Irish Times Best Places to Holiday in Ireland Thread


On the way to Kenmare via cork, need somewhere to stop off with the kids around cork city / ballincollig. Playground and cafe would be ideal, any ideas?



Kenmare is a fantastic spot, plenty of advice available on that area if you need it.
The playground in Fitzgeralds park is top class, there’s a lovely café there as well, though I’ve only ever had takeaway coffee and pastries etc, nice museum if that floats your boat at all,
very handy for the road to Kerry and you can hum ‘de banks’ on the approach, it’s just by the College and next door to the Mardyke sports complex, easy to find.


Not sure I can help here, kid… Ballincollig has a playground and is a small enough town so you could easily pull in and have a bite - visit playground – would you be as well driving on to Macroom and doing the same there? - lads with kids might be better suited to advise here


Macroom is nice but the fucking traffic .


Doe she not have to go through there? - He’d be leaving the road to go to Ballincollig/Cork City


Even though you didnt ask me you caaaant there is a loveley park and playground in ballincollig the regional park. There is a grand van there which serves food. At weekends at least. Otherwise few options in ballincollig village.

Tracksuit is after giving you a great option but means you go through city rather than stay on ring road. Little traffic this time of year so wouldnt be issue if know where you are going


@backinatracksuit and @gilgamboa - would Ballinvoultig/ Waterfall be too out of his way ? There;s a cafe and a petting farm there called Rumleys … think it’s only 5 mins off main road but I could be wrong?

cc @Fran


Would you not just stop at a McDonalds and let the kids jump in the balls you tight Kilkenny cunt.


That’s a nice park alright in Ballincollig, there’s a fairy trail there as far as I remember if @Fran has any little girls. in my opinion though Fitzgeralds Park is a destination in itself and not too much trouble to find, back on the road to Kerry in minutes as well.


Would you not let a boy take the fairy trail?


Thats a great spot. About 10 miles off main road out of his way. Grand pitstop for a few hours rather than short break


I was out that way years ago when involved with another lady from Cork- prior to princess of course.


I dunno mate, I know fuck all about boys. Do boys like fairies as well? I’ll bow to you on this.


Why would you bow to me? Aren’t you male yourself?


Couldn’t have said it better than dan here @Fran very good playground and you’ll find somewhere to eat in Ballincollig.


Well when I was a boy I would have been fairly pissed off if a fairy trail was suggested for a stopover on a long drive, you haven’t said as much explicitly but reading between the lines you seem to be suggesting that I’m being a little bit sexist, I haven’t any experience rearing boys is all.


You’re very touchy about this. I was only asking a question.


Sure you did mate.
I believe I answered it as honestly as I could though?


Why the question mark?


He is being very touchy about being perceived as a sexist.