The Official Irish Times Best Places to Holiday in Ireland Thread


Regional Park. Its outstanding. Hopefully weatger stays good. I’ll be down there myself later handing out flyers and chatting up single mothers


Thats where i’m from. And its nothing but bad reviews of it unfortunately.


Great shout @backinatracksuit


Thats a savage playground :+1:


Unreal, sorry I forgot about you earlier mate


It stung. I wont lie to you. Especially when you copied in a plastic


Lovely hole there on Mrs Fran


Good man, I won’t lie to you here mate, the museum is worth giving 15 or 20 minutes to if you can nip away while the gang are having a bit of dessert in the cafe. You can fly around it, nice little collection of sports memorabilia as well.


Herself is looking well @Fran


Taking pictures of other peoples kids in a Playground. You should be locked up.




that place looks like a fucking nightmare. fuckit but that gives me the shivers.
i used detest having to bring children to those fucking places, all these little brats hyped to the gills on sugar fighting to get a go on the bars and and the fucking screaming and crying because for the most part they are spoilt little fuckers brought up by dickhead parents and then utter fucking cunts of mothers and dickhead fathers dictating every single movement to their little shit instead of just letting them off to enjoy themselves and sitting back. horrible horrible bastard of places.


Fantastic rant. Full of hate bile piss and vinegar.


You just bring kids to Santa Ponsa now, hyped up to the gills on beer fighting to ride std ridden prostitutes, screaming and crying for most of it as they were brought up by hate filled useless parents.


you were never brought to a playground you little fucking gurrier, locked out of your southill council house as ‘daddy’ was riding mammy at half three in the afternoon after you coming home from school starving with the fucking hunger.


Did you ever bring both sets of kids to a playground with both mothers at the same time? That’d be carnage.


thats a very very strange post from a very very strange individual


Are there ducks in the vicinity of that park? It so, my grandad used to bring me to that place when I was a young chap visiting him in Cork


There’s a duck pond there alright and the river runs along the side of it, you’ll have crossed the ‘Shaky Bridge’ with your granda no doubt. The best spot in Cork for the swans and ducks was always the Lough or even the Atlantic pond by PUC. Not such a popular outing nowadays id say although we often take the kids over to the Westfields.


Let us have it mate, we are 2 families with kids ranging from 5 to 4 months, all girls