The Official Irish Times Best Places to Holiday in Ireland Thread


Great. Ye had no issues with the fairy trail so.


Feckit those kids are very young, are ye staying in the town?
The original and still best fairy trail I’ve seen is out in Parknasilla, you’ll get a lovely bit of lunch there as well. There’s a hidden gem of a beauty spot a few miles out the road called Gleninchaquin, one of the most spectacular spots in the country but a bit of walking is required.
Get the fish soup in the purple heather, it’s the best I’ve eaten in Ireland, not a chowder,
I’ll think about it and get back to you but those are very small kids.


Just to clarify, when I say 5 to 4 months I mean - 5 years old to 4 months.

We’re staying in the houses in Kenmare Bay Hotel


Pat Spillane is a member of the gym there, uses the pool a fair bit, we stayed there a few years back. Make sure not to eat in the hotel, it’s grand but there’s great grub to be got in the town.


What about a pint?


Healy’s Rae’s in Kilgarvan.

You might coax buff out and get him a woman .


There are loads of pubs there most do v good food as well. For a pint the horseshoe, P McCarthys or the roughty for a quieter option. For a louder option the square pint.

If you had a driver you could head out to the top of the coom. Highest pub in ireland. Bout 20 mins out tje road. Superb spot one of best pubs in the country


Get a haircut Fran. The barber in Kenmare is a legend.


There’s a chipper in kenmare that does chips with kebab meat and sauce on top. That’s all I remember about my visit to the place.


€4.20 for a pint of Guinness, not bad. The other fucker we’re staying with is gone to bed so I’m on my tod here reading the paper


Just got it done yesterday :disappointed_relieved:


Is there many about? Kenmare usually a busy spot


The touristy spots are semi-busy but I’m not in the mood for one man and his synthesizer


@Ambrose_McNulty ,this falls under your remit


Sister-in-law’s husband who you secretly despise?


Have a hugh handy hints, pal. Stroll home half hucked.


No, her best friend’s husband. He’s not the worst but odd enough. The sister-in-laws husband is not the worst either but I probably prefer to go for a few pints on my own than suffer the strained conversation


That’s the hlan


Best pint so far in O’ Connors. Some bang of BO out of the place though


Schnap, I was there today myself,glorious day down there.The home place is only over the road a few miles.