The Official Irish Times Best Places to Holiday in Ireland Thread


Why did you agree to go on holiday with a weirdo?


That’s a really poor attempt at a verse.


Christ! You mean he’s blander than you???


These are the sacrifices you make


God no, just a bit odd


You saw the pic of his wife he put up yday? Youd die up on top of her


The traditional farms tour at Muckross House is an absolutely fantastic day out.

Packies for dinner tonight was unreal


Enjoy Fran. You strike me as the sort who works hard and as a result can enjoy the little pleasures in life.




Deep sigh



Have you ventured to Kilgarvan for a drink ?


Packies is top top class, the Lime tree on the high road is superb as well,
Muckross is a great spot although I suspect ye had patchy enough weather.


I haven’t mate, I’d have no interest in drinking with the type to gobshite you’d be likely to meet there


We got very lucky with weather to be fair. The sun hasn’t been splitting the stones but we haven’t gotten soaked yet


Did you bring the kids to packies?


God no


Fran McCann!!!


What’s it like in Kenmare @Fran
Making the best of a bad lot in Kruger’s Dun Chaoin


Just booked my Christmas vacation there now. We’re going to our annual pantomime in the opera house on Dec 26 and after a days shopping we’ll go to the Everyman panto on Dec 27 before traveling on to Killarney for the new year.
Always a great break.


A great spot. Princess’ cousin owns a mansion just up the road so we visit frequently. They lend us the use of their bikes which is a great way to get around the park.