The Official Irish Times Best Places to Holiday in Ireland Thread


That looks like bud or a shandy?


It’s a Heineken, not much choice there, I only had the one.
My wife worked a summer in Krugers in 01, we’d know that area very well, the pub is dead, it was a goldmine years ago but very few go in now, Ballyferriter has much better pubs.


I’m home since this afternoon. It was a mixed bag to be honest. We’d be lost without the hotel swimming pool


That’s an awesome playground.


I’m after booking a few nights on Achil island there, spur of the moment job. I’ve never been and she hasn’t either. Any recommendations for pubs and eating places? I just picked up the phone and rang Achil Island hotel but when i got off phone and looked at the map it’s right beside the bridge on the way in. It seems most of the stuff is centred around Keel? Might have to taxi it to and from there for the night life.

Did you say you were going there lately @Raylan?


Id say the car would find its own way in and out after a few trial runs!


Drive away after a few pints you reckon? I’m 15km to Keel.


I couldn’t advocate such a thing


Twas Westport I went to for a finish, I’m no help to you


Any good bars or places to eat in Westport? I’ll be there a night as well.


You couldn’t turn around in Westport without seeing a decent eatery


Have you never been to Westport? Smashing town.


Westport is one of the best towns in Ireland. The only problem being it’s so fucking far away.


Only once when i was a child. To be honest i have no real interest in this but we can both take a few days off leading into the weekend and she wanted to go away. I reckon i’ll just end up drinking the shit out of it since the weather is supposed to be so bad for the week. And I’ve spent the summer drinking like a fish as it is. My experience of being on other islands is you spend every evening/night in a pub.


An Port Mor as recommended by several posters here. Top notch.


I’d recommend taking in Westport closer the weekend if you can. Will be lively there, but still a huge selection of pubs for a quiet pint too.

I’ve never had a bad night out in Westport.


There’s a place called the beehive about half way across the island, bit of a twee craft shop but they do fantastic lunch style grub as well, haven’t a clue about the pubs tbh but the beach is spectacular


I’ll have to book a table there will I? Midweek.


Just to be safe. I’d imagine it’s slowing down there this week at the same time.


Would you not try and fit in a bit of riding as well seeing as ye’re away.