The Official Irish Times Best Places to Holiday in Ireland Thread


Indeed, I believe there’s lovely gentle treks organised on the beach for all ages and abilities. Riding is perfect for a couples activity, you’re quite with it mate.


Would you believe the only other time i was on a horse was the other time i was in Westport as a child, so yes it would be nice to come full circle and do a bit of riding again.


I’m sitting in the beehive right now after eating a lovely smoked mackeral for lunch. Top recommendation from you.

We left Westport this afternoon. Brilliant town.


Good man, I hope the weather is better than what we have here, the beach at the end of the island is stunning, pass the long one with the caravan park and keep going, gorgeous spot.


Was down in Fota yesterday. Good day out.


Presume you’re talking about Keem beach,

Its class.


Lovely spot to eat just down road from entrance on opposite side called bramley lodge a great spot. Bit late now I suppose!


Yeah we went there, you’re going way up the side of a mountain to go over the top and the beach is at the other side at the bottom. There’s sheep everywhere, i’ve seen a pair walk down the village. The rain has held off up here so far luckily enough but the sun isn’t breaking through. I had a pint in Lynotts pub there a few minutes ago and we’re going to head back there tonight for the music. It lays claim to being the smallest pub in Ireland and is also the oldest pub on Achil island. I’m sure there’s smaller out there but nevertheless it is indeed very small in there and I don’t see how we’ll get a seat tonight but i’d say it’ll be a great atmosphere anyway. Guinness was unreal in there.


Sounds like a dream for a couple, trips away like that are in my past, enjoy that tonight.


Yeah saw it.


Over the first night of 3 (three) at the Quality Hotel in Clonakilty. The kids and I got through the night after lights went out at 10pm. I tried to instil the importance of the Rose of Tralee on the boys (Derbhla was drifting off to sleep at this stage) but they were having none of it. They slept through to 9am - nice.

First impressions, you’d know it was a place where kids are brought but we went to the pool which is plenty big if not busy and the boys are mad to go to the games room when they get the chance.

Will stroll down around the town soon as it looks like it isn’t going to rain. Possibly go to Inchadonny in the afternoon as we’re due to get a bit of sunshine.

Breakfast was grand - unlimited pancakes for Ben and Jerry and the same in Coco Pops for Derbhla… they certainly know their audience!


Take a spin out to Arfield.Lovely little hamlet and a lovely drive out there too.


Where is that, brah? Had a quick look up on Google Maps but nothing came up.


Sorry buddy. It’s Ardfield. Type without my glasses.
There’s not a lot out there but it near enough to Inchadoney and the drive is nice on the way.


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