The Official Irish Times Best Places to Holiday in Ireland Thread


Great spot.

Courtmcsharry another nice little spot handy enough spin from you. If you wanted to put down the day spin down to Baltimore bout 45 mins and you could go to either sherkin island or cape clear on ferry. Sherkin is v close Cape clear a bit further


Well, well, well … Is this what you’ve been reduced to, bro?

The Nogra have utterly destroyed you… It’s very sad to see.


Hey hey hey!! I can confirm that CMs bird is not chubby!


The level of seethe in his post has put a right pep in my step — The googly eyed cunt is spinning.


The model railway village is worth a look,
Richy’s in town is a lovely casual food place, good for kids. I wouldn’t eat at the hotel outside of breakfast but it is a grand place for kids.
Presume you won’t get the chance but if you have somebody to take the kid for a couple of hours Deasys bar and restaurant is outstanding.


You’re wasting teaching – Lonely Planet awaits…


We ate in the hotel last night but yeah, wouldn’t do it again. Thanks for the recommendation, pal.
I’ll get a pint in here and there but not a priority.


Actually the hotel bar is grand for a few pints, Deasys is strictly for grub and maybe a very nice wine or whisky.


Where do you teach lad?


Don’t mind them fellas, I work one of those other jobs with 16 weeks a year off.


A Dublin based Corkonian. It can only be teaching.


i see you nicely sidestepped the ‘she rode half of limerick’ bit.


I think that was the funny he was trying to make, mate… well done for spotting it.


Well buddy. How did you get on ?


Still here. Boys have been in the kids club for the past few hours. Going into the pool with them all in a bit. Good spot in fairness :+1:


Guillomene swimming Cove this morning.


That looks lovely.


Unreal. Full tide


Great . The place isn’t infested with cunts in wet suits either .


Where is that looks savage