The Official Irish Times Best Places to Holiday in Ireland Thread


Far side of Tramore


You go for a dip mate? Be hard not to


I did. I had a restorative dip


Passed an Eye of the Tadhger sign there in Dungarvan.


Lovely spot for a dip.

I went in at the 40-foot at full tide myself this afternoon. Swim of the year so far


I’m treating my life partner to a little break in The Cliff House soon but I want to stay somewhere else nearby but on the Waterford Greenway for one night beforehand.

I’d like us to be able to enjoy a bit of a spin on the bikes and then stay somewhere CHEAP as I’m paying enough for The Cliff House.

We would then look to head over to The Cliff House early enough the next day to get an early check in and enjoy the facilities and ambience. I must get my back hair trimmed in advance of using the outdoor jacuzzi actually.

But my query to @Fagan_ODowd, @Fran, @RayDonovan, @Bugsy_Malone, other Waterford folk and knowledgeable outsiders - is there any cheap hotel, guest house or B&B options that might fit the bill?

I’d want an en suite rather than some communal bathroom B&B scenario as I like to take my time over my morning shit without being stressed out by Maura from Mallow hovering outside the door.

Thanks in advance, chaps.


People are so different. @ChocolateMice would give his left testicle to knock one out to Maura from Mallow hoovering outside his jacks door.


Would Waterford City work for you? Would Tramore?


I’d prefer to be within 20-30 minutes drive to The Cliff House but if you think somewhere further afield would fit the bill then I’m happy to take on board any recommendations.


He better check with the driver

Lovely break for @Bandage all the same. Expectation levels will be high on the engagement front when friends family and life partner hear mention of cliff house


The tannery in dungarvan do lovely B and b and dungarven is a grand towm for a few drinks. Nice beaches v close by where you can write her name in the wet sand


would you not wax the backhair mate?


I’d be a bit nervous about it. Do you recommend?


back, sack and arse mate, your life partner will love it


Where’s the best place to get it done, mate? Like with abortion, is it safer to travel to the mainland?


every beautician worth their salt provides the service now


Chocos woman will do that for you


Stay in Dungarvan, or Cappoquin so buddy. I stayed in Richmond House in Cappoquin years ago and it was lovely. The rooms over the Tannery restaurant would be the place to stay in Dungarvan but might be a bit pricey. The Park Hotel beside Fraher Field should fit the bill though.


Careful she took chocos balls and all the last time and hasn’t given em back since


Stay in the Park Hotel Dungarvan, mate. I took the woman there for a night over the summer and I think it was €80 for the night but it was €50 more on Ring them but also be armed with how much they’re charging on their own website. It was grand, but more importantly we liked Dungarvan. Nice little town with plenty of good places to eat and drink. You are also by the sea.