The Official Irish Times Best Places to Holiday in Ireland Thread


If you could get a B&B around Butlerstown or Kilmeaden you are right on the greenway and half an hour drive from The Cliff if you wanted to keep things cheap. Otherwise Dungarvan for B&B, Park Hotel or Lawlors. The Cliff is very nice btw, I proposed to Mrs Donovan on the beach there in Ardmore followed by lunch and champagne at The Cliff.


The Park in Dungarvan is grand . The tannery too . Even Lalors is adequate .

Grand town for a few drinks , food and walks .


The Park it is so Bando. You can hire the bikes in Dungarvan too. The first mile or two out of Dungarvan on the Greenway is dreary enough, but stick with it. Go as far as the Workhouse on the other side of Kilmeaden, stop and have a coffee there with the Life Partner and then head back to Dungarvan.


Stayed once in Lalors for a wedding and it was poor.

The Park is fine.

Dungarvan is a grand town for a couple of nights stay with many daytime options in easy reach, decent pubs and good food.


Lalor’s was adequate I found . I was there solo that time so there is the caveat . I had one of the better rooms . It has a certain charm in a nice rustic way . Dungarvan is a grand spot . Some real nice pubs .



Is Tony Brown involved in a pub there now ? Gin themed spot .


Is the first mile through Abbeyside ?


Thanks very much, lads. You’re all just fantastic.


We brought you to Limerick. We advise on Dungarvan.
We may struggle on wedding venues in the Farney but I am sure we wiill find something


He does.


The most scenic part of the greenway is the Suir Valley by Kilmeaden I believe, there’s a lovely house and gardens with a little coffee shop which your life partner might enjoy, a place on the Quays in Waterford transfers you to the greenway, you could stay in the Granville which is dated but nice, plenty of history, particularly T.F Meagher, me and my then partner (now wife) got a fantastic upgrade there years ago and it was as good a room as I’ve stayed in, more of a suite really.
The cliff house is the berries, get there as soon as they’ll have you.


Maisies it’s called - one of Tony’s many business ventures. I think one or two of his brothers are involved also.


Can’t really add much to what has already been advised.
Was down home at the weekend and the place is hopping, The Greenway has been an absolute boon to the fortunes of the area. Be warned though, accommodation is scarce and all the decent restaurants are booked solid every weekend up to Christmas (I’ll add a caveat that this information was obtained from a few lads in the early house Sunday morning, so might not be the most reliable).
The Moorings is a good spot for a bit of grub and a beer.


Try Airbnb also pal. We got a great place in dungarvan last summer for half cost of the hotel. There’s a Gold Coast hotel too not far from dungarvan too that would do.


There is bar in Dungarvan called “The Enterprise Bar” . It is very nice .


1 Have you actually done the greenway end to end.

2 If so do you have a general preference for bucolic and riverine scenery over mountain and sea views, not to mention tunnels and viaducts.


Apologies mate, I have not completed it. I did say ‘I believe’ because that’s what I was told when we were planning which section to cover. I was merely trying to be friendly towards my pal @Bandage who can now choose to ignore my ‘advice’.


Sure it’d take bandage a month to cycle the greenway end to end


A lovely time to see the Atlantic Ocean

For those who have been what makes the Cliff House so good


When were you last in the Moorings? I was there in August and i thought the food was bang average pub grub and very overpriced for what you got. It’s a nice looking place though and grand to drink a pint watching a match there. Better places there to eat though IMO.