The Official Irish Times Best Places to Holiday in Ireland Thread


You’d want your head examined not to eat in the Tannery while in Dungarvan


It was closed would you believe the day i was there. Ambled down for a bit of lunch and it said on door ‘Sorry, closed for the day’.


That’s gonna hurt, last time we were there was during the food festival, thought it might be full and we had the Moorings as back up but there was plenty of room


Had a few pints there Saturday. Haven’t eaten there in over a year though so can’t vouch for the food currently. As such I’ll alter my recommendation to @Bandage to “The Moorings is a grand spot for a beer”.


The food, the rooms and the views. And for me the fact that I was there for free. It was the nearest the pin prize at the Waterford GAA supporters club golf outing, which I won that year.


So you nearly got your hole ?


How far is it from Dungarvan to the Workhouse, pal? How long would it take to get there and back while going at a leisurely pace?


You’d be there in an hour and back in an hour. Back might be quicker because it would be more downhill.


Can’t believe New Ross hasn’t been mentioned.Short trip into Waterford and you’re there, sending @Bandage to shit holes like tramore and dungarvan when New Ross is over the road.



Hon Ballyfin


Lookin’ well @KinvarasPassion


And the bay is close to being back full health. :clap:



Wouldn’t that just gladden your heart


Smashing day


That’s a lovely photo, nice spot alright, I had a lovely swim there in the summer, hoping to head back sometime this year so the oldest kids can have a day at that aqua adventure centre around the corner


Where is that? Dunmore East?


This is what it looks like now 4 hours later from the other side of the beach.