The Official Irish Times Best Places to Holiday in Ireland Thread


lads id highly reccomend a spin to Blackrock village in Co.Louth on a clear day


how did you get over the Christmas mate?


ah yeah grand actually, thanks mate
i was thinking there recently about a post you had there from a wetherspoons in leeds in 2014 on paddys day, im still forever greatful for it, they way it was written and delivered was something else

im listening to a song from Bon Iver here called Holcene, very soothing


Tommy Byrne country


Did you ever go up to Donegal that time, mate? It’s the only corner of Oireland i haven’t been to and i’m going to take the lady up there soon for a few nights, maybe stop in Sligo on the way. @Massey were you saying you spent a few years in Donegal? Where’s the best area to set up base?


Stay away from bundoran

Inishowen is lovely


When are you planning on going? A spin around Rathmullen peninsula would be spot on. Port Salon is a great little spot.


We stayed in Derry as a base and drove around.


Might be able to take three nights at the end of February. Probably not the best time with the short evenings and with the weather an unknown but if not doing it then another year will go by before I look into it. Where would you stay?


Letterkenny and hit a few places all around. Mount Errigal hotel would be a grand base. Letterkenny lively enough if you want a good night out although few mad cunts from Derry always show up.


Wexford are kicking ball in Derry on St Patrick’s weekend if you want to hold back a month and base your few days around that.


Thought Wexford we’re in division 1


Is the brandywell ready for 2018 ??



Any option to go in the summer? The beaches around Fanad and Buncrana are up there with west Kerry.


No, division 3 mate.


I really wouldn’t bother in the winter, far too much effort for fuck all reward unless you completely luck out with weather
Wait till the summer, it’s unbelievable in the sunshine (or the brightness anyway)


Heading to the lyrath next weekend with the missus & madame

Any good @iron_mike @Fran


Tbh Art, I’ve only ever been there once for a bit of grub a few years back. Twas grand back then but have no idea what it’s like now.


Heard the Hotel is lovely.

Good base point to take a spin to Waterford, Lismore, Dungarvan etc for a day trip etc.


What day buddy? There’s a big GAA crew from Donnycarney at a wedding there Friday and they’ll be proper seedy the Saturday. Don’t expect much sleep/relaxation.