The Official Irish Times Best Places to Holiday in Ireland Thread


Not arriving til Sunday so hopefully they’ll all be on the way back then


I was at a wedding there about 7/8 years ago. Remember the rooms being very nice. Have often considered it for a weekend like you’re doing but never got around to it. Enjoy


Lovely spot Art. Does your little lady like dogs? They’ve 2 or 3 big golden labradors around the place that are great with kids. Didn’t have kids when I stayed there but I remember it being very child friendly.




Nice Art. It’s fairly swanky alright. Fabulous food. Look out for the grand piano that is impossible to use hanging over the lobby.


First time ever going to Burrows beach today.

A superb spot. Beautifully calm, reminded me a bit of Spanish Point. A hidden gem



A brilliant city with a bustling city centre full of cracking pub and restaurants. A brilliant buzz around the place.

And then the history. We got a black cab tour of the Falls and Shankhill by a gent called Benny who lost friends and family on the Nationalist side. Very real.

I would highly recommend it,.


Spent a few days there recently. Really enjoyed it


The sun really makes Ireland look fantastic. Anyone want to guess where I am


Is it Achill island?


Nope. It’s a blue flag beach in another province


Downhill looking at innishowen?


Nope. There’s some forumites who’d live close enough to here, IIRC.




Swing and a miss


somewhere in wexico




Kerry. Close to Limerick border.


Nope. I’ll throw up another pic in a mo that should give it away


Nobody cares goofy