The Official Irish Times Best Places to Holiday in Ireland Thread


Dublin Rivera so.


And yet I’ve gotten more replies than one of your normal nonsense posts. You’re more predictable than Mac these days


Nope. I’m not even in Leinster


Cark? :open_mouth:


Are you in bred?


trá mór




Nope, but right coast


It’s east/south east anyways given the lack of waves




Ardmore - full of jellyfish


I’m not in WD but some have located the headland I’ve taken the pic of


Youghal :open_mouth:


Is it around Kinsale. Garretstown maybe though i haven’t been in a good few years.




Harry wins. Tomorrow I’ll head into town and see if I can find tina


Sick bastard.


Is that youghal beach, seems more likely to be redbarn?


It’s redbarn. But youghal was good enough for the purpose of the exercise


Try to get into Ahernes for a bit of lunch, main street on the far end of the town, pricy enough for lunch but superb seafood, and go see the clock tower.
Not much in youghal but the rest of east cork and west Waterford is smashing.