The Official Irish Times Best Places to Holiday in Ireland Thread


Down in Killarney myself this week. Had a smashing afternoon on White Strand, a small beach outside sneem. A perfect spot for anyone to introduce small children to the sea.


Good man. Will do. Just had a dinner in the hotel bar here after the drive down. Not impressed so we were going to head into town tomorrow evening. Don’t think we’ll be much more exploring as it’ll be impossible to get the little one off the beach


Lough Gur?


Anybody know a really good seafood restaurant in dingle?


Ashes pub is superb, Out of the blue probably the pick.
The place on the marina that used to be called Fish Barr, now Fish on the marina is lovely for a simple lunch, the place out in Ventry (the skipper??) is great as well.


There’s also a lovely chipper near Supervalu called Reel, he could take her for fish & chips and eat them sitting on the pier while watching the sun set over Dingle Bay.


Nothing better .


If you take a spin into Tralee there’s a drive through McDonalds.


Reel does great fish and chips, possibly/probably the best battered fish in the country,
Its hard to go wrong in Dingle but theres a few duds alright

Fabulous coffee and brunch as well in a place called My Boy Blue across from Reel @AppleCrumbled


Is there not a chipper in Cork that’s better?




Out of the Blue brilliant but more expensive. The Boatyard across from it is very good and more reasonable.

Someone told me recently that Gormans Clifftop and the Old Pier (had a superb monkfish there one night) had stopped operating the restaurant side but they were both lethal. My info could be dodgy on that one.


You’d really want your head/gut tested eating anything from the sea these days. You’re literally ingesting plastic.


The boatyard is actually terribly expensive for what you get, it’s a real touristy place.
You can’t go wrong with Ashe’s really, OOTB is outstanding beyond belief but the Ashe’s is a better room, in saying that now one of the outside tables in OOTB is the place to be tonight.


You’re supposed to remove the wrapping you know


I wish this was a laughing matter, mate. We’re such a disgusting, destructive creature that we were not happy with destroying everything on land, we had to go and poison everything in the sea also … 10% of your lovely seafood meal is plastic.

Chew on that for a while, mate.


Don’t give me the comma/mate combo. It hurts man.
The plastic problem should be fixed in the morning if anyone gave a toss. If people stopped propping up supermarkets it would be a big help.


Reuse the same bag if you have to - and get your fresh goods from markets.


Go to Derrynane beach if you can it’s an outstanding beach. Sneem is a lovely little place.


Thanks for the suggestion mate. If it was 2 weeks earlier it would have been ideal.