The Official Irish Times Best Places to Holiday in Ireland Thread


@Fagan_ODowd and anyone else who’s done it - are you as well staying in Waterford or Dungarvan when ‘doing the Greenway’?


Much as it pains me to say it, but Dungarvan is the better option.


Dungarvan is a grand spot these days. Great pubs and atin houses


Getting a place to stay in fungarvan isn’t easy now .


Getting a place to eat on Saturday was very difficult without a prior booking.


The Kaiser.
Fine Gael.

They have restored us to the promised land.


Tis utterly hopping . a few months ago I was very lucky to get Lalor’s for a couple of night . Twas basic but grand .


We worked ourselves to the promised land in the Gentle County. We got (and get) fuck all from Central Government thanks to the fucking tulips we elect.


Kilmac was very busy as well on Saturday afternoon.

The number of cyclists on the Greenway surprised me. It is certainly drawing the numbers.


It’s a nice spot, the touristy train from Kilmeaden station is a grand job as well, Waterford is a great place to holiday in Ireland.


Kilmac has turned into a boom town overnight.




We stayed in Dungarvan and cycled half the greenway from there to Kilmacthomas and then back. Ate in The Tannery place that night which was nice and had pints in a few different places in town after that. Good way to spend a day / night and thought Dungarvan was decent - some good spots overlooking the harbour. Took notion to visit greenway at short notice and stayed in a (Air) BnB country house type place a little outside Dungarvan called Cappagh House. The bean an ti from Glasgow couldn’t have been nicer and drove us into town in the evening ahead of dinner.


All that’s missing from that post is you came back to the gaff to find that bozo Brendan Rodgers balls deep in the “bean an ti” and she sporting a Hun tattoo on her arse…


Charlie just secured us a mozzarella factory, we’re very lucky to have him as our elected representative in Laois.

Finally I can realise my dream of being a big wheel down at the cheese factory.



Hon Chedd.


Has anyone here stayed at Lough Erne resort?


Stayed in one of the houses there. A fine spot if a bit of the old money prod among the clientele.


Top spot with loads to do. You’ll enjoy yourselves.