The Official Irish Times Best Places to Holiday in Ireland Thread


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Sunday Times reader?



The Mrs is but haven’t picked up today’s


Little piece advertising their babymoons


Whereabouts was that? In this week’s edition?


Paper was in my parents so don’t have to hand. Yeah in one of the magazines. Little paragraph bottom of the pages. Babymoon package Bed and breakfast dinner pregnancy massage and pedicure or similar free adult movie*

*the last piece may be made up


@Fagan_ODowd, what is this?


A week in the Westport area, view from the bedroom


Just eaten in Out of the Blue. Smashing food. Some of the nicest seafood I’ve had. Cheers for the recommendation on here.


Super. I’m down there next Saturday for a week so keep us posted on any other new/good spots.


Lovely photo @Tackies. Were you long waiting for a boat to turn up.


We’re here till Sunday but based in Annascaul which is a fine spot to be fair. Tonight’s the first night we’ve ventured into Dingle. Lovely pint watching the Hockey in Paddy Bawns and now in Dick Macks.


Assuming it’s a no expense spared trip you should definitely try Global Village for grub, lunch in Ashes (Dingle) as well is a must, amazing seafood


Where am I now?


A beach


On the western seaboard, whatever that is?


Keem Bay


That’s the one, some spot,


Westport, Newport, Achill. God’s country alright.


Keep going up, its only alright in comparison to Donegal.