The Official Irish Times Best Places to Holiday in Ireland Thread


I know you take a hard time off a few around here but by God your kids get some holidays around the country during the year. I’m sure they will appreciate It in years to come. Fair play to ya.


Would love to go back, but have nervous passengers. I didn’t tell herself about that hairy drive up the cliff and down again…


Get over to Keel strand in Achill tomorrow. Equally delightful and there’s a fantastic crepe van. Old school pancakes with salt in the recipe and about 20 different varieties of toppings…


My da still talks about it…Nissan bluebird circa 1985


He only gets a hard time from eejits by and large


Sheskimore is a heartbeat away


We did a recce on the campsite in Keel today, might try to get there for a few nights next year, back to Limerick tomorrow for a taste of the hype, will get a few nights in the tent in West Cork before the end of summer


I was lucky to get as far as Lough Gur when I was a kid.


If you were off for 4 or 5 months every year your kids would be on their jollies a good bit too


@Bandage can you throw out a few options to me for eating and drinking options in Wexford town and surroundings please? Also an auld beach you’d recommend I suppose.


Bearing in mind @Bandage it has to be suitable for 2 x adults, 4 x children ( one black, 2 Eastern European & one of unknown origin)


Hello pal.

@Mac bumped another thread and these pub options still hold as far as I’m concerned.

Starting at South Main Street work your way from The Sky & The Ground to Simon Lambert & Sons (formerly known as Simon’s Place) to Macken’s The Undertaker at The Bullring.

Then join North Main Street and wander down to Monck Street and go to Maggie May’s, The Loch & Quay and T Morris before looping back to The Stores on Charlotte Street for your late bar.

I’m less up to date with food options but Cistin Eile, The Yard and Greenacre’s are/were decent places for your standard Irish restaurant menu. Simon Lambert’s and Thomas Moore Tavern (near Macken’s) are good bar food options. I don’t like Indian food but Spice is popular. La Cote on the quayfront has a very good reputation for excellent sea food and there’s a newish place called Ramen Asian Street Food which is based on the likes of Neon in Dublin.

You must also try the breadcrumb and battered rissoles in The Premier and the rissole in Caffola’s.

DO NOT go into Heffernan’s pub.


Thanks mate.



Sorry @Smark


Forgot to mention beach - Curracloe is only 10/15 minute drive outside Wexford town and is grand. Saving Private Ryan beach scenes were filmed there. You could also go south to Rosslare Strand (not harbour - that’s the ferry to Wales or France while strand has the beach). Kilmore Quay, a fishing village, has a small beach and Mary Barry’s restaurant - another very popular sea food option. Carne is a quieter beach and has The Lobster Pot restaurant. Other beach options are further north or back over to the south / south west of the county which is not my specialist subject.


Not that I’m heading that direction but this is the sort of finite considered affirmation that I was hoping for. It may be right, it may be wrong, but it’s certainly not boring. That man is heading off with a clear eye and a set jaw.


Excellent the last time I was down Selskar way


Hanging on 9. Someone do it. I’ll give up all my previous nice post awards and hand back my admired poster award if I get the 10 on this one.


there ya go


Nice one buddy.