The Official Irish Times Best Places to Holiday in Ireland Thread


The Loch and Quay is no more unfortunately, now trading under the style of “Rileys” Tavern, different owner/leaseholder…

La Cote is excellent…maybe not for kiddies…

another pub to avoid is The Foggy Dew, button and spoon is a grand spot for a bit of grub during the day…


This is a good shout. The Yard also do a great lunch.


Sand sculpting on Duncannon beach about half an hour from town…bit of a washout today though…


The sense of relaxation I get every year when I land in Dingle can never be matched.

Corca Dhuibne Abu


Dingle has a phenomenal vibe to it. It is more a state of mind than a place.


Ah lads, the seaweed baths in Ballybunion are unbelievable, I’m like a new man.


Might head away for a night next month. Any recommendations for a country house type place within an hour or so of Thurles?


Faithlegg house is nice


Inch House?


I can see it out the window :grinning:

They’ve kinda closed now. Moved into corporate / event type bookings


Ah jaysus . Sorry boss.


Cliff House.


Funds won’t allow for that I’d say


For family or just dirty weekend?


Here you go- nenagh , desperate times etc


Just with herself


Heritage in Killenard a grant spot for some posh rough n tumble


Or mount Juliet


There’s five fivebedroom gaffs in Nenagh that have never been used. Only dying to be christened.


They are in Thurles mate