The official Roman Catholic thread

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Could admin please evacuate this heathen from this thread?

Is the second part related to anything on this thread?

Cheers for the offer mate, but I’d rather not.

Signing in, with a special devotion to St Catherine of Alexandria.


Can the topic title please be changed to the official kiddie touchers thread… Ta.

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bt signing in.

Child Molester

this isnt a gga thread :rolleyes:


Disgraceful post. :angry:

The two go hand in hand… altho the GAA are not answering liable cases running into the value of millions at present, which extends far and wide out side GAA circles.

God only knows what these perverted bastards have done in Africa in the name of their god.

surely the board should be free of such jesusology ?

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your dad knew

Signing in.

Who is everybody’s favourite saint. Mine is St. Margaret of Antioch - Patron saint during childbirth and escape from Devils

St. Finbarr.

What did Finbarr ever do?

It would have to be St Peter for me.
The man got more power than all the other Saints and he has the key to the pearly gates.